Sunday, June 22, 2003
Mack Bailey at Baldwin's Station.- Part 3 of 3. This is about what happened between Mack's first and second set. To recap, at the end of the first set, Mack sang two John Denver songs. .

When Mack is singing Wandering Soul, I wonder what does that sound like? Oh it sounds a bit like my favorite John Denver record (yes, record) Seasons of the Heart. I wore this record out playing it over and over. I sigh.

Standing in the lobby minutes later a friend sitting with us wishes Mack would sing Perhaps Love and of course it is from Seasons of the Heart. Later we ask Mack, and the answer is probably not this time since there is not time to relearn it now. Still just thinking about Seasons of the Heart puts me right into that place in my life where I had so many questions and issues. Those songs had so much to say about going with the flow of the ying/yan of life and trusting love even in the midst of all that happens between people.

Then several of us are talking about John Denver and Joyce Sica amazes me. I can't repeat her words as well as she says them. It is something about how she never understood meditation or Zen stuff until she heard a John Denver song and the song put her into the kind of altered meditative place she had only heard people talk about before. Wow. I go back to ask her to repeat what she said. She says a lot more but not in the same words.

Some of the more Joyce says is that when her mother died someone gave her John Denver's record, Windsong and that record helped her through that period. John Denver's songs have always opened her to a spiritual place and now that he is gone, he is like an angel, still a spiritual presence and wisdom presence. Because of John Denver's music, Joyce found Dick Cerri and the whole folk music scene, opened her life to years of connections and worked with so many wonderful musicians. She wishes she could have told John in person what his music has meant and
means in her life.

I never thought coming here that Mack would sing a "new" "found" song like Wandering Soul and that I would revisit in an instant a period in my life when I put Seasons of the Heart on the record player over and over. I never thought I would spend intermission asking Joyce to tell me more and then learning in amazement about how the record Windsong changed her life.

So anyone thinking of attending a Mack Bailey show this is fair warning. You too may be snapped back to another time and place, to who you were and who you where with when you heard certain John Denver songs. And have these songs changed you?

But Joyce and I are talking too long. Time for the next set.

Before the second set begins are announcements. Joyce tells us that after having survived 2 brain surgeries last year, she just tripped and fell in her living room and must now have surgery on the break in her left arm. And last Friday night at her other venue, Cellar Stage, the mega-rain we've been having sent a flood into the "cellar", the basement/theater room in the church. Att the last minute concert volunteers, attendees and performers moved all equipment etc upstairs where the last concert of the 03-04 season started a bit late but when on. Life has its drama. Music helps get us through.

PS: Joyce, I just have to tell you that at Best Buys today, after buying the computer sale Item I came in for, I browsed the discount CD rack and picked up John Denver's Windsong for $5.99. I admit that after seeing Wandering Soul on Mack's new CD Wed, I bought it. (It was clear driving home, this was a good decision and not just for that one song.) And I ordered the Seasons of the Heart CD from
while writing this blog. Let's not call this CD excess. Let's call this new CD trio - emotional life "flood protection".

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