Monday, June 16, 2003
Sunday, 6-15-03

A man walks and says "We're here!" adding his beach chair to the chairs in several rows at the top of a small incline looking down at the stage, the wooden deck on the back of the Moore's house, 3 steps above the ground. Canopies cover both the deck and the food area to the right of the house. This Father's Day
Moore house concert is a cookout with music in the backyard (unless it rains). The Moore have had backyard concerts once or twice before but this is my first time at one here. Their concerts are usually in their basement.

We are arriving at an outdoor sound check, praying like everyone else that the 50% chance of rain does not materialize.

Andy and Denise are first. I met them at a craft show and bought a CD and like it. Scott Moore introduces them as excellent performers in their own right, and as the folks who are helping
Eliot Bronson and We're About Nine produce their next CD's. Yes!

Andy points out that the audience can see into the "green room", which in this case is the screened in porch to the right of the Moore's deck.

SOME SONGS FROM ANDY AND DENISE's SET (I am guessing titles)

Denise tells us about her sister who is getting an advanced degree in something like ecological restoration. Anyway her sister left a big corporate job to go into work on ecology for a nonprofit. They sign their song, You Gotta Go, for this sister.

Andy tells us they are from eastern Philadelphia, or extreme Northern Maryland - that is New Jersey. He grew up in New Jersey. Sharing the fact that he never got over that he is too big for his big wheel, they sing My Big Wheel .

Denise is so cute with one thick braid hanging down her back. But the song she wrote about the Oklahoma city bombing is so chilling and the words still feel timely. Empty Chairs

Look at Me for the Last Time

Eliot Bronson was staying with Andy and Denise recently while working on his new CD. They co-wrote this song. Andy says Denise found songwriting with two men strange. But their song is great. But You Never Go Down to the Reservoir

Andy tells us they wrote this song as a present for his brother's engagement. The couple choose to use it as a first dance song at the wedding reception. However, they discovered it is a samba and then found that dance lessons cost $600, so they just bought a "how to rumba" book and did fine. Don't Be Afraid I Will Help You Move Into My Heart.

Since this is Father's day Andy shares that he is the father of 2 cats. At one point, he and Denise lived in Manhattan for 3 years in 300 square feet space - a real relationship test. Now they are Living in Suburbia.

And it is break time. Scott's volunteer fire up the grills. There is a ton of food people brought to share. Zeala are next. Their sound check was loud and I wonder aloud before their set if I would enjoy them. Scott tells me "yes but this is good loud" The mother of one of the performers overheard me. Scott turns out to be right and I tell her afterwards how much I enjoyed them!

As we get home, my husband says isn't it stretching it to call Zeala "folk music". Yes, and/but they are fun! Fun is more important than names and categories. Anyway when Scott introduces them he tells us they will be appearing at the Takoma Park Folk Festival in the fall. More on Zeala and the second set in the next post.

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