Wednesday, June 18, 2003
Sunday 6-15-03 - Part II
There are 50+ people counted here at this outdoor “house” concert/father’s day cookout at the Moore's http: // People come and go. In introducing Zeala, , for the second set of this Moore House, Scott asks how many “Zea-lots” there are in the audience. Some young people sitting near us and others clap hard. The band itself is “young”, that is women between mid-20’s to 40.

Lea, usually plays bass with this group, but they have a substitute tonight. Lea is the only performer from this group I have seen before. I had reservations about hearing a “band”, even a band of women, and I was so looking forward to her familiar face and music.

However Lea’s presence is felt. Lead singer Aura keeps reporting that she is singing songs Lea wrote. She observes that in Lea’s absence, this is becoming a Lea night. And Aura celebrates that fact that she gets to sing lots of the songs that Lea usually sings.

Zeala’s Set Inludes:

Don’t Stop Lovin me Now by Frank Taggert
Lovin & Vitamins
You Say You’re Lonely by Lea
It’s Been a Long Time by Lea
Twelve O’Clock by Avril
Quentin by Lea
Nighttime Snack by Lisa Taylor
I Love All of This by Aura ( she wrote this after a recent reunion with her high school classmates - 200 international students – it was an intense school and an intense reunion)
Let’s Go – their hybrid funk bluegrass tune
Fat Man

This band has a big band sound to me – Stacey Sloan on both alto and tenor Saxophones, Cheryl Terwilliger on Trumpet, Lisa Taylor on Drums & Vocals, Aura Kanegis lead singer, Avril Smith on guitar and Vocals, and a back up bass for Lea.

About half way through the band asks us in the audience to join in and support the percussion for a song. They think I guess that we’ll clap along. But an audience member Don volunteers to get a bag full of percussion instruments from his car, so they play something else first. Don distributes shakers, and cymbals and rattles and when the song begins a spontaneous conga line formed and snakes through the crowd. What fun! This was not the only time some of us are up dancing!

At some point Aura tells us we are getting all the benefits of Wolf Trap without the high ticket price – we have a cookout, great food, a lawn and music. And it doesn’t rain!

At the close Scott tells us we have been at the kick off of the summer folk festival season.
(Actually my festival season started in May near Havre de Grace at the Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival
- ). Scott is right though. This has the feel of a summer folk festival. Scott tells us that Andrew McKnight is having a private festival – invitation only - in Va I think on Saturday June 21 and that people Scott knows (like those in the audience) can get an invite if they see Scott.

I and others in the audience are looking forward to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival July 24-27, 2003 in the Berkshires in NY State near Hudson, NY, and also the nearby 4th Annual Country Roads folk festival an hour away in nearby West Va. on August 30, 2003

Thank you to the Moore’s and their volunteers for great hospitality – it was quite a lot of effort to set up so much outside for this event. Thanks to Andy and Denise and Zeala. Lea we missed you, even the Zeala did a “Lea Festival” in your absence!

And I am looking forward to seeing Mack Bailey at Baldwin’s Station on Wednesday, June 18, 2003. (Sorry Reba about mentioning this concert to you like it was your venue. I know that your place is not Baldwin's but Vic (and Reba’s) Music Corner in Rockville (dark this week but with Suzanne Buirgy and Anni Clark next Wed. on 6/25/03). Of course last week I so wanted to see Cliff Eberhardt at Vic's (and also David Roth at Baldwin's) - a horrible conflict. With such a difficult choice to make, uncharacteristically for me, I chose a nonmusic event instead. So many great concerts, so little time!

And I can’t wait to write a concert review of the Eliot Bronson show at the Jammin Java on June 27 which happens to the day we are celebrating my husband David’s birthday. Eliot Bronson is one of our favorites, and we just don’t see him often enough since he moved to Massachusetts. This concert should be cap on a great birthday celebration!

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