Friday, July 04, 2003
July 3, 2003 - Hot Soup at the Columbia Maryland Lakefront
The people in Hawaiian style shirts and Parrot Head hats are going to a different concert. We hope some very loud music near Clydes restaurant will stop, because it is not the music we came to hear.

And the tarps and blankets on the Lake Kittamaqundi lawn are not for our concert; people are homesteading turf for the fireworks tomorrow night. The Columbia Lakefront area is bustling tonight. And the sun is out for the first time today!

Exotically dressed women in Clydes restroom confirm that most of them are headed over the Jimmy Buffet concert at Merryweather Post. "Parrot Heads" implies diehard fans, but one I speak to is going for the first time. The party from the Clydes outdoor area and their music do vanish abruptly as the Merryweather concert time of 8pm approaches. I confess I have from time to time thought it might be fun sometime to see the spectacle of a Buffet concert. But tonight, I am prefer to be setting up chairs at the Columbia Assoc. Lakefront Festival - to see Hot Soup.

Other Hot Soup fans exclaim that earlier today, when rain was pouring down for the second day in a row, they despaired of having a concert tonight. But it is now sunny and in the 70's. In this perfect summer evening, the settting sun sparkles on the water on the opposite side of the lake and on the tops of tall trees. The carillon chimes 8 pm.

A tall tree rises high just beyond the left side stage which is a white canopy over the white wooden stage. And just behind the stage is a bronze statue of 2 life-sized men. (At the break someone says these are Columbia founder Jim Rouseand Bill Rouse. Online I find this statue is called "The Deal", and earlier was in nearby Symphony Woods).

The MC, Rick LaRocca, noticing the Parrot Head hats passing into the distance, suggests that next year Hot Soup will have "Soup Bowl Hats". Ok Rick, I am a fan and I wear a Hot Soup tee shirt but soup bowl hats is little too much!

Hot Soup are, of course, Sue Trainor, Christina Muir, and Jennifer Agner, each fine individual performers, but a hearty harmony dish as a group.

Hot Soup Set List - I am guessing at titles. When the song is a cover, and I know the composer I include their name.

Money Can't Buy Me Love
Soup - their signature song
Red Dirt Road - evoking memories of Jennifer's childhood home in Georgia
Sunrise on Carawan Hill - by Andrew Lawrence - grandmother memories
E-Bay-O - available as free download from Hot Soup web site (scroll down to near bottom of page) - Sue invites us to add percussion with car keys or whatever
200 Miles to Chicago
Dig Deep Down
Story About Fred
Luray Women by Si Kahn
Dead Egyptian Blues

Introducing the second set the MC says "Hot Soup" is hot tonight.

Second set:

Who Bought the Wonder Bra
Mamma Always Told Me - I love to hear Jennifer play accordion!
Hey Sweet Baby
Till the Cows Come Home
Weary of the Moon - a new song. Yes, a keeper!
Dream that Teachers Were Paid as Lawyers
I Will Fly - by JohnSmith
God Danced - by Andrew Lawrence
Two Fine Friends
Tain't No Sin to Dance Around in Your Bones
Deepest Africa

A Much Better View of the Moon by George Wurzbach

Sexy, poignant, and hilarious in close harmonies these women shine on a perfect summer evening. I love following Jennifer down that Red Dirt road or on the way to Chicago or to the "sweet baby" of zipper factory fame; she is down to earth and charming. Sue parodies real life with sharp wit. I guiltily think of E-bay-O whenever I shop online.
Christina's songs recall 2 women. She sings Two Fine Friends written by mother, Ann Mayo Muir (of Bok, Muir and Trickett fame). And she tells us that Sunrise on Carawan Hill reminds her of her grandmother, her father's mother, who is 100 this year - a flapper in the 20's, who in recent years gave up smoking and drinking. Christina has her mother's gift for music and perhaps her grandmother's zest for life. When Christina sings Luray Women, I see her as one of the tall beautiful spirit women, standing like a tree on the ridge.

The peaceful lakefront scene includes glistening water, a setting sun, a rosy sky, people walking dogs, children sitting spellbound, lovers walking by holding hands, bicyclers.

Tonight I notice people stopping to listen and laughing heartily at "bandages don't do that much for you" from the King Tut song. And just as I am remembering the fun when cows paraded in at the Moore House concert during Till the Cows Come Home, 2 slightly different cows join us and dance through the crowd here!

Tonight the show and the crowd delight; there is time to savoir every detail. In this same space tomorrow there'll be booming fireworks, jostling walls of flesh, and total sensory overload.

I agree with Rick the MC, Hot Soup offer spectacular harmonies and sound song crafting. They are pros, and we are lucky to see them here. They tour all over and enchant audiences in distant States on a regular basis. What luck, that in Columbia Maryland the rain stopped, and sun came out for their show.

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