Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Panzer House Concert (PHC) on July 19, 2003

This evening’s Panzer house concert is my last concert before the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (FRFF) starting 7-24-03 . (See the 7-1-03 Folkfan blog entry for my last PHC review.) And there is a FRFF tie in – Trina Hamlin, won a top 3 spot on the FRFF emerging artist showcase the year that Eric Schwartz also won. She shares a split bill tonight with Stephanie Corby. Both women can really belt out a bluesy song; as Stephanie says they both are “chicks with big voices”, not so common on the folk scene. This is a high energy woman night.

Steve Panzer’s opening words are: “This is our 8th year of having house concerts”.

Foot stomping, harmonica and guitar accompany Trina Hamlin’s first song, My Crazy Jacaranda Tree. This tree is a techno-colored blue Los Angeles tree special. Not something Trina sees in New York or the mountains of North Carolina. She sings about a tree and about love (crazy love?)

Beautiful – “Why can’t I open my eyes and see you”

Too Beautiful – A brand new song. Bluesy. Trina explains that since the Mississippi starts with waters from the rivers and lakes of Minnesota and the Blues are associated with the Mississippi, then the Blues started in her home state. (NOT! – but a good story from a woman who a quirky interest in geography.

Down to the Hollow – a bluesy rockin song “trying not to follow a lonely road.” I can relate to these lyrics. Yeah! Trina uses harmonica and tambourine.

An untitled song – maybe will be The River. Inspired by the 3 river city, Pittsburg. On this song Trina demonstrates a lovely metal slide technique.

Next is Texas bound Stephanie Corby. (She is soon moving from Massachusetts to the incredible music scene in Austin).

Old Bobby” – I am not sure of the name of the first song.

True North – when my husband heard this at SMAF festival he was sure she would win their songwriter contest (it was close but she lost by 1 vote to another excellent performer, Richard Berman).

The Muddy Season – written in March, and about transition time.

Choose Me – the PHC hostess Sherry’s favorite and sung for her.

And there is some trading of songs. Trina backs up most of Stephanie’s with her harmonica.

First, Stephanie adds harmony to Trina’s Flower Days. Lush harmonies.

Of course Stephanie’s Cornelius rocks. She met him in a café and the “oomph” she felt in seeing him is palpable in this song.

Trina sings and I don’t get the title, but the words include ‘can’t put my finger on it

Stephanie’s Fireworks in March is the title track of her latest CD. Don’t see these bluesy women if you want to stay cool.

Trina’s 9/11 song called Leave, could also be titled Share, “share the joy, share the pain.” Yes! This dramatic tragedy inspires such moving lyrics. This one is up there with 9/11 songs by Cletus Kennelly, David Wilcox, Tom Paxton, Lucy Kaplansky and others. Who is going issue a CD collecting all of these songs that provide a human response to the unspeakable.

If you ask me, I don’t “like” a “bluesy” sound as much as I like other singer-songwriter music. However, my husband loves this sound, and the PHC’s large audience is enthusiastic and responsive. I admit I too enjoy all the music this night, some songs are real “keepers” for me, the women sound fantastic, and yes, I would (will I hope) see these women again. The blues? Well what do music categories mean?

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