Sunday, September 14, 2003
September 6, 2003 - Joanne Juskus, Brian McQuade and The Dharma Bums and Zeala at the The Creative Alliance at the Patterson Theatre Baltimore
The refurbished Patterson Theatre sparkles and shines like a new building. The music area we are in has a friendly café feel. We bring in drinks (sodas, snacks, wine or beer are available) and popcorn from the adjacent "bar" area. There are rows of chairs in the front but we choose a cute little tables in the rear. Every seat is not taken, but there is a very impressive turn out for a new venue. I estimate at least 75 people but there could be more.

This new venture is committed to promoting live arts in all media for Baltimoreans. It is the Orpheum Theatre reincarnated; it will present classic films.

Joanne Juskus hopes this singer songwriter series will be monthly. But the second one isn't until Saturday, November 15 when Elliot Bronson, Brian Gundersdorf, Victoria Pratt Keating, and Lisa Cerbone will be part of a songwriter night (7 pm Phone 410-276-3206)

The Joanne Juskus trio opens with a few songs the include A Good Thing, and Within You Fire. This music has passion!

Brian McQuade and the Dharma Bums are a local group of 3 guys and a gal. In the intro Brian confesses he may have been socially shunned because he plays the accordion, and the group doesn't venture out beyond the Baltimore beltway because of a fear of wide open spaces. Their songs include:
I Don't Want to Be Anything When I Grow Up
The Sky is Bleeding
Seventeen Syllable Blues - about beat and zen poetry
On the Beach
To An Empty Sky
I'm Through Feelin Sorry for Myself

This group has fun instruments - the accordion, a mandolin, lots of great sound and some clever lyrics.

Zeala is the all woman big band sound band I heard first at Scott Moore Father's Day yard party (folkfan post 6-18-03) - but this time Lea is present. We had no idea Lea was such an accomplished bass player.
These are women with a lot of sound, great vocals and lyrics with an attitude. Their songs include (and I am not always sure of titles)
You think you're lonely, I think you're lazy
Fat Man

They Really Ought to Know Better
Long Time- I notice a couple are dancing.
Love and Vitamins
It Means a Lot
Let it go
- a new song

This is a great venue for band music, for any music. I look forwarded to sing-songwriter night here. Wonderful start to a new series Joanne Juskus. Thanks.

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