Monday, October 20, 2003
We're About Nine at Park School October 10, 2003

Before the show, Rebecca, a a huge We're About Nine fan and student at Park School ( a Baltimore independent school for very bright students} tells us she helped get We're About Nine here to her school.

There is another band also at the sound check. Turns out they are not the openers, they are the "middlers".

I knew We're About Nine were the headlines and they play first. Their set includes:
Port Wine - this audience chuckles as young Brian sings "I didn't age well" - and then is I think spellbound as the complex lyrics follow.
Pat sings One More Love Song - and tells us this song is a movie, Cold Harbor that was at the Senator recently
Katie does Move Like Light - and the band asks the school (which has progressive classes) don't they have a rock class here. And did they see the movie - the School of Rock...
Reading You - and the 3 vocalists all sing different lyrics, a great arrangement
Born Again

Time for the "Middler" - as Rebecca later discloses on We're About Nine's Yahoo fan list, the "middler" is jazz group of Park School students, and since the headliners, We're About Nine were new to many, the planners wanted to make sure the audience got to know and love them first and not just come for the students they know and then leave. Wise move and it worked...
The trio named LWP has a tenor sax, drums and a keyboard and has written some very sophisticated music also available on a mini CD.

We're About Nine returns - this set rocks
If You See William
Mr High Energy - a wonderful male dancer gets up and dances in front the band - Katie joins him and the energy is indeed high..
Spirit - not a Casper the friendly ghost song, this is about one who is not seen for who he is
For One More - from the perspective of a girl who gets an unwelcomed wedding proposal
Weight of the Ocean

Thanks Rebecca for persuading your class to sponsor this event and open it to the community. I heard people saying at the break and afterwards, I don't like folk music, but I like this... We're About Nine, you are the new face of "folk" or what ever it is. I prefer to call it singer-songwriter, but we really need a catcher name for the kinds of creative lyrics and energy and talent you guys bring. Park School rocks, We're About Nine Rocks!

p.s. See this Baltimore Sun article on Joanne Juskus's show at the Patterson Theatore on Sat Novermber 15 at 8 pm -,1,2543521.story. The Nov 15 "Songwriters' Invasion" show features Brian Gundersdorf and Eliot Bronson, as well as 2 female songwriters.

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