Monday, November 10, 2003
Greg Trooper and Brooks Williams at Cellar Stage on October 17, 2003

Sitting behind us are Greg Trooper fans, Carol, Bob and Amanda. They can't believe he is the opening act. They tell us they were recently at the New Song Festival where they saw Vance Gilbert, Johnsmith and Last Train Home (the band that played at Amanda's wedding). I've been listening to Greg Trooper song samples from his web sit, and now really anticipating the show based on the enthusiasm of the fan behind me.

I have come to this concert because some years ago Dar Williams praised Brooks Williams. I have heard his music on CD's but this is my first live show.

Joyce shares that she and Tony had a "wow" reaction to the first Brooks Williams CD they heard. And more recently they had the same "wow" reaction to Greg Trooper.

Greg's set includes:
Lucky Like That
The Road is so Long
Floating - hauntingly startling beautiful and horrible
The Hummingbird
The Meaning of Christmas - a song that impressed Steve Earle. This is one of my new favorite Christmas songs (right up there with Cry of a Tiny Baby by Bruce Cockburn) - If Steve Earle, who has a song Joan Baez admires, likes this song that says a lot. By the way Steve Earle is on the Tell Us the Truth Tour). See for more information.
Ireland - about a girl from Brooklyn
Straight Down Rain

Yes, Greg Trooper deserves a "wow". He CD is great, and his stage presence and performance is powerful. Like the folks behind me, I want to see much more of Greg Trooper and to see him headlining a show.

Brooks Williams - who write lovely songs so many singers I know cover - and a incredible guitar picker
HIs set begins with a guitar solo
Great Big Sea
We Were Dancing Beneath the Stars
I Wish You Could Receive Half the Grace You Show
Frenzy at the Feeder
Faces of Light

Forget About Him - Brooks invites a colleague in the audience to join him onstage - Kristin Kunhardt adds harmonies to this song and the next
Late Night Train

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