Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Bruce Cockburn at the Birchmere 10-18-05
10-18-05 - Bruce Cockburn Birchmere (Arlington Va) Set List

(* indicates an instrumental song)

*Rouler Sa Bosse ("To Knock About The World")
Going to the Country
Silver Wheels
Mighty Trucks of Midnight
*King Kong Goes to Tallahassee
Wondering Where The Lions Are
Let the Bad Air Out
If A Tree Falls
Wait No More


*Water into Wine
All the Ways I Want You
Put It in Your Heart
This is Baghdad
After the Rain
Last Night of the World
*End of All Rivers
Messenger Wind

First Encore
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
All the Diamonds

Second Encore
Anything Anytime Anywhere

Thanks to a friend Mike who helped me guess the names of two of the instrumentals - Rouler Sa Bosse, and Water into Wine. I really listen for the words and cannot remember the names of instrumentals - if people have better information please post it.

A question for those who were at the Birchmere - was there a song between All the Ways I Want You and Put it in Your Heart? If so was it a new one? I am not sure of my own notes at this point.

FYI Mike was at the Ramshead show the night before also and said the Birchmere show was so much better. Monday night was the first official night of the tour and apparently was just a warm up for our stellar show at the Birchmere. Another fan on the way out gave this Birchmere show a 9.7 on a scale of 10. I personally would rate it higher.

The folks at my table also loved the show. They were a group of Cedar Ridge Community folks including the noted author of Generous Orthodoxy and many other books, Brian McLaren. I knew of course from his writings that Brian McLaren is a very enthusiastic Bruce Cockburn fan, so I wasn't surprised that he came. He said he wanted to bring David Wilcox, a musician friend of his (and mine), but David is performing in New Hampshire the next day and couldn't make it. I was surprised that I didn't see more local musicians that I know at this concert since I've seen many at Bruce Cockburn concerts before, but some of them may have been at the Ramshead the night before.

I do have much more to say about this show but I wanted to get what I know of the set list posted now. I am also to eager to hear comments from others at this show on the Bruce Cockburn fan list, the Humans Yahoo Group.

I will write more as I can - hopefully in a few days.

Finally (for now) I emailed Mountain Stage asking about the Bruce Cockburn Mountain Stage event scheduled for Sunday October 16. A staffer from emailed me the following: "Bruce Cockburn was on the Mountain Stage show in Charleston last night. The show was recorded for broadcast, and will be uplinked on November 25. If your public radio station does not carry the show, you can listen to it through our website Thanks for contacting us."

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